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    There are many types of firms providing a wide variety of services of a greatly different caliber of competence and quality in the various practice areas of comprehensive wealth management. Important factors for you to compare and consider in the selection of your own personal and business advisors would include their ratings in the following areas:

    (1) KNOWLEDGE: The three principals of our firm possess a unique combination of formal education and highly-relevant industry training that is applied for the benefit of all of our clients. Each principal of the firm has a business degree from a leading university, including graduate and post-graduate education in either business or law. One of our three principals is a CPA, and one is a tax attorney.

    (2) EXPERIENCE: With over 65 years of combined professional experience, our three principals bring you the invaluable expertise which they have gained from well over half a century of collective senior-level employment at many of the nation's leading financial service firms and regulatory agencies.

    (3) INTEGRITY: Integrity and honesty form the foundation of each of our client relationships. All three principals in our firm have been employed in positions of the highest trust at major state, federal, and self-regulatory agencies. They are proud to have spotless personal records that are free from complaints or disciplinary actions of any kind.

    (4) INDEPENDENCE: Our firm is fully-committed to the principles of professional independence and freedom from conflicts of interest. From the careful selection of our independent broker-dealer to our continuing evaluations of a wide range of personal and business financial solutions, we engage in continuous due diligence processes and will only do business with firms and industry professionals demonstrating a complete absence of bias and a strict adherence to the highest ethical standards at all times.

    (5) SERVICE: When you do business with us, you will always deal directly with a firm principal. Not the next available representative. Not a new hire looking for some training. Not the current assistant to an endless stream of changing players. We offer you a stable personal relationship with a trusted advisor that you can rely upon.

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    Ph: 617-737-7300
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